Visit us at Swiss NanoConvention SNC 2023

Come visit us today and tomorrow at booth 24 at Swiss NanoConvention SNC 2023 at the Patinoires du Littoral Neuchâtel • June 15-16, 2023

NanoWorld AG booth at the SwissNanoConvention 2023
NanoWorld AG booth no. 24 at SwissNanoConvention 2023 in Neuchâtel

Meet us at APS March 2023 in Las Vegas

NanoWorld AG CEO Manfred Detterbeck is @NanoAndMore USA booth # 629 @APS March Meeting @APSphysics  #apsmarch, which is currently being held from March 5–10, 2023 at Caesars Forum Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.  Will we meet you there too?Cartoon of NanoWorld AFM probes professor and robot with a big dream bubble above them showing a shiloutte of the Las Vegas Skyline they are dreaming of being in Las Vegas for the APS March Meeting 2023

Meet you at NanoAndMore USA booth #629 at Caesars Forum Convention Center in Las Vegas this week


Skyline of Las Vegas
Image by rwdd_studios on Freepik

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in the USA and Canada!

Enjoy the time with family and friends and don’t forget to visit us @NanoAndMore USA booth no. 311 @Materials_MRS MRS Fall 2022 after the holidays if you are planning to travel to Boston to participate in the conference. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.


Cartoon showing the NanoWorld professor and robot celebrating thanksgiving with a turkey in their lab
The NanoWorld AFM probes professor and robot wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving holiday