AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy – screencast on NanoWorld MFM tips passes 2000 views mark

The screencast about NanoWorld AFM probes for Magnetic Force Microscopy held by Dr. Marco Becker has just passed the 2000 views mark. Congratulations Marco!

Magnetic Force Microscopy is a type of Atomic Force Microscopy in which a magnetised AFM tip is used to measure magnetic interactions between the tip and the surface of a magnetic sample. These detected interactions are then used to reconstruct the magnetic structure of the sample surface

NanoWorld currently offers two types of MFM tips:

MFMR – This type of magnetic AFM tip is coated with a hard magnetic coating on the tip side and yields a very high force sensitivity, while simultaneously enabling tapping and lift mode operation.

S-MFMR – These magnetic AFM tips are coated with a soft magnetic layer on the tip side and are designed for the measurement of magnetic domains in soft magnetic samples.