ARROW SILICON SPM-SENSORS for Contact Mode and Force Modulation Mode are now available

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  • SPM probe for high resolution imaging
  • fits to all well-known commercial SPMs
  • cantilever and tip are supported by a single crystal silicon holder (monolithic design)

Material Features

  • highly doped, single crystal silicon (resistivity 0.01 – 0.025 Ohm*cm)
  • no intrinsic stress and absolutely straight cantilevers


  • rectangular cantilever with triangular free end
  • easy positioning of tip on the area of interest due to the “ARROW” shape and consistent distance between tip and cantilever end
  • trapezoidal cross section with wide detector side for easy laser adjustment


  • dimensions of the holder are very reproducible (1.6 mm x 3.4 mm)
  • replacement of probe without major readjustment of the detector system


  • tip height 10 – 15µm and radius of curvature typically < 10nm (15nm guaranteed)
  • macroscopic half cone angles are 30° to 35° seen along the cantilever axis and 20° to 25° seen from the side

Types, Package sizes and Availability

  • ARROW NC for non-contact/tapping mode, available since December 2002: resonance frequency = 285kHz, force constant = 42 N/m cantilever length = 160µm, cantilever width (rectangular part) = 45µm
  • ARROW CONT for contact mode, available since July 2003: resonance frequency = 14kHz, force constant = 0.2 N/m cantilever length = 450µm, cantilever width (rectangular part) = 45µm
  • ARROW FM for force modulation mode, available since July 2003: resonance frequency = 75kHz, force constant = 2.8 N/m cantilever length = 240µm, cantilever width (rectangular part) = 35µm
  • small packages of 10, 20 and 50 probes and full wafers