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Arrow™ Silicon AFM Probes
Optimized positioning through maximized tip visibility

Our Arrow™ probes are designed for easy tip positioning and high resolution imaging. They fit to all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes). The AFM probe consists of a support chip with a cantilever which has a tetrahedral tip at its triangular free end.

The probe is entirely made of monolithic, highly doped silicon.

The unique Arrow™ shape of the cantilever allows easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest.
Furthermore the Arrow™ series also includes a range of tipless cantilevers and cantilever arrays.

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  • General Description Arrow™ Silicon AFM Probes / Coatings

  • Complete NanoWorld AFM Probes Brochure available for download here

    Application Type Tip Side Coating Detector Side Coating Res. Frequency Force Constant
    Contact Mode Arrow™ CONT none none 14 kHz 0.2 N/m
    Arrow™ CONTR none Reflex (Al)
    Arrow™ CONTPt PtIr5 PtIr5
    Non contact / tapping mode Arrow™ NC none none 285 kHz 42 N/m
    Arrow™ NCR none Reflex (Al)
    Arrow™ NCPt PtIr5 PtIr5
    Non contact / tapping mode
    ultra high frequency
    Arrow™ UHF none Reflex (Al) 2000 kHz ---
    Arrow™ UHFAuD none Reflex (Au)
    Force modulation mode Arrow™ FM none none 75 kHz 2.8 N/m
    Arrow™ FMR none Reflex (Al)
    Arrow™ EFM PtIr5 PtIr5
    Tipless cantilevers and
    cantilever arrays
    Arrow™ TL1 (1 cantilever) none none 6 kHz 0.03 N/m
    Arrow™ TL1Au (1 cantilever) Au none
    Arrow™ TL2 (2 cantilevers) none none
    Arrow™ TL2Au (2 cantilevers) Au none
    Arrow™ TL8 (8 cantilevers) none none
    Arrow™ TL8Au (8 cantilevers) Au none
    All data are subject to change without notice.
    All data are typical values, for guaranteed specifications see detailed description of probe type.

    In addition, special silicon AFM probes can be designed and manufactured upon customer's request.
    Please contact our development team at
    For detailed information about our AFM probe product series please see below: