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Ultra-Short Cantilevers (USC)
for Fast-/High-Speed AFM

NanoWorld Ultra-Short Cantilevers (USC) for High-Speed AFM (HS-AFM) combine very small cantilevers made of a quartz-like material which are designed for resonating at frequencies of up to 5 MHz and a very sharp and wear resistant High Density Carbon/Diamond Like Carbon (HDC/DLC) tip.  

In order to provide a suitable probe for the complete range of high speed scanning applications, the Ultra-Short Cantilevers series consists of six different types of probes divided in 2 categories:   
The first category is mainly dedicated to dynamic applications in air whereas the second category is mainly dedicated to applications in liquid.  
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  • General Description Ultra-Short Cantilevers 

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    Application: High-Speed AFM (mainly for dynamic applications in air)
    Type Coating Res. Frequency Force Constant
    USC-F5-k30 Reflex (Au) 5000 kHz 30 N/m
    USC-F2-k3 Reflex (Au) 2000 kHz 3 N/m
    USC-F1.2-k7.3 Reflex (Au) 1200 kHz 7.3 N/m
    Application: High-Speed AFM (mainly for applications in liquid)
    Type Coating Res. Frequency Force Constant
    USC-F1.5-k0.6 Reflex (Au) 1500 kHz 0.6 N/m
    USC-F1.2-k0.15 Reflex (Au) 1200 kHz 0.15 N/m
    USC-F0.3-k0.3 Reflex (Au) 300 kHz 0.3 N/m
    All data are subject to change without notice.
    All data are typical values, for guaranteed specifications see detailed description of probe type.

    In addition, special Ultra-Short Cantilevers can be designed and manufactured upon customer's request.
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