Arrow™ Series AFM Tips - General Description


  • SPM and AFM probes for high resolution imaging
  • fit to all well-known commercial SPMs and AFMs
  • AFM cantilever and AFM tip are supported by a single crystal silicon support chip
  • monolithic design of support chip, AFM cantilever and AFM tip

Material Features

  • highly doped, single crystal silicon (resistivity 0.01 - 0.025 Ohm•cm)
  • no intrinsic stress and absolutely straight AFM cantilevers
  • chemically inert silicon for application in fluids or electrochemical cells

AFM Cantilever

  • rectangular AFM cantilever with triangular free end
  • easy positioning of AFM tip on the area of interest due to the Arrow™ shape
  • consistent distance between AFM tip and AFM cantilever end
  • trapezoidal cross section with wide detector side for easy laser adjustment

Support Chip

  • dimensions of the support chip are very reproducible (3.4 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.3 mm)
  • etched corners of the support chip avoid contact between the support chip and the sample


  • AFM tip has a tetrahedral shape and is located at the very end of the AFM cantilever
  • AFM tip height 10-15 µm and radius of curvature typically < 10 nm (< 15 nm guaranteed)
  • macroscopic half cone angles
      - are 30° to 35° seen along the AFM cantilever axis
      - are 20° to 25° seen from the side

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