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Type: Arrow™ TL1Au

Special Application Cantilevers

Cantilever Data ValueRange*
Resonance Frequency 6 kHz3 - 14
Force Constant 0.03 N/m0.004 - 0.54
Length 500 µm495 - 505
Width (rectangular part) 100 µm95 - 105
Thickness 1.0 µm0.5 - 2.5

Product Description

NanoWorld Arrow™ TL1Au probes are tipless cantilevers for special applications. They can for example be used for attaching spheres and other objects to the free end of the cantilever, or for functionalizing and sensing applications.

All SPM and AFM probes of the Arrow™ series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge and are chemically inert. The TL1Au probes feature one rectangular cantilever with a triangular free end.

The Arrow™ TL1Au probes feature a sample facing side gold coating. They are optionally available without a coating (Arrow™ TL1).

Coating Description

Gold Coating

The gold coating consists of a thin gold layer deposited on the sample facing side of the cantilevers. As the coating is almost stress-free the bending of the cantilever due to stress is less than 2 degrees.

Order Codes and Packages Sizes

 Order Code Quantity Data Sheet
ARROW-TL1Au-50 50 Nominal values

Product Screencast

Product Screencast on NanoWorld Arrow™ TL - Tipless Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays
given by Manfred Detterbeck - CEO NanoWorld AG

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