NanoWorld™ introduces new Pyrex-Nitride AFM Probes

Neuchatel/Switzerland, November  27, 2007 NanoWorld today announced that it is extending its range of Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes.Three new versions are being introduced. One version, the PNP-TR, features a multi-lever design with four triangular cantilevers with two different lengths. The probe has a typical tip radius of smaller than 10 nm and can be used for a great variety of imaging techniques in air and in liquid.

Furthermore two different versions of Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes with tipless triangular cantilevers are now available. The PNP-TR-TL has a 70 nm thick gold coating on the backside of the cantilever. The PNP-TR-AU probe is coated with gold on both sides of the cantilever. Tipless cantilevers are often used for applications that require functionalization of the cantilever surface or attaching objects like spheres or particles to the end of the cantilever. These and various other applications are especially interesting for the fields of life science and biology.

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