Silicon Nitride AFM tips for Biology and Life Science Applications – NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride Probe – PNP

Looking for AFM probes with a silicon nitride cantilever and a silicon nitride tip for applications in biology and life sciences?

Then tune in to this interview with NanoWorld CEO Manfred Detterbeck on the NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride AFM probe series.


Learn more about the best known silicon probe for AFM – the NanoWorld Pointprobe

Want to know more about the most widely used and best known silicon probe for Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Probe Microscopy –  the NanoWorld Pointprobe Series? Then you shouldn’t miss this interview with NanoWorld CEO Manfred Detterbeck.


Check out our screencast about NanoWorld Tipless Cantilevers and Cantilever Arrays

It will give you an overview of our the different tipless cantilevers offered by NanoWorld. These probes can for example be used for attaching spheres and other objects to the free end of the cantilever, or for functionalizing and sensing applications.