Ultra-Short Cantilevers (USC) for High Speed AFM Screencast has reached the 500 views mark

The screencast on Ultra-Short Cantilevers (USC) for High Speed AFM has just reached the 500 views mark. If you haven’t seen it yet have a look at: https://youtu.be/cHpPvJ5cS24

If you want to see videos of what can be imaged with these AFM tips you’re welcome to visit the Gallery of HS-AFM videos on the high speed scanning webpage http://www.highspeedscanning.com/high-speed-scanning-afm-videos.html






Check out our screencast about NanoWorld Arrow™ Ultra High Frequency (UHF) Probes.

It will give you an overview of our Arrow™ UHF Probe which was the first probe with a cantilever capable of resonating at a frequency of up to 2 MHz when introduced in early 2004 as a commercial product.