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NanoWorld AFM Probes
POINTPROBE® silicon AFM probes
Most widely used and best-known high quality SPM and
AFM probe world-wide

Our Pointprobe® is a versatile silicon AFM probe for very high resolution imaging and fits to all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes). It consists of a single crystal silicon cantilever with integrated single crystal silicon tip. The cantilever and the tip are supported by a single crystal silicon support chip. True atomic resolution has been achieved by several research facilities in UHV using our Non-Contact / TappingMode AFM probes NCH and NCL.

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  • General Description Pointprobe® Silicon AFM Probes
  • Special Tip Versions
  • Available Coatings

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    Application Type Tip Side Coating Detector Side Coating Special Tip Versions Res. Frequency Force Constant
    Contact mode CONT none, PtIr5 none, Reflex (Al), PtIr5 n.a. 13 kHz 0.2 N/m
    Contact mode (Short Cantilever) CONTSC none none, Reflex (Al) n.a. 25 kHz 0.2 N/m
    Contact mode, Seiko or Zeiss ZEILR none Reflex (Al) n.a. 27 kHz 1.6 N/m
    Non-contact / tapping mode
    (high frequency)
    NCH none, PtIr5, Diamond, Conductive Diamond none, Reflex (Al), PtIr5 AR5, AR10, AR5T
    SSS, PtIr5, DT, CDT
    330 kHz 42 N/m
    Non-contact / soft tapping NCST none none, Reflex (Al) n.a. 160 kHz 7.4 N/m
    Non-contact / tapping mode
    (long cantilever)
    NCL none, PtIr5, Diamond, Conductive Diamond none, PtIr5, Reflex (Al) SSS, AR5, DT, CDT 190 kHz 48 N/m
    Non-contact / tapping mode
    (Seiko non-contact mode)
    SEIHR none none, Reflex (Al) SSS 130 kHz 15 N/m
    Force modulation mode FM none, DT, CDT none, Reflex (Al) DT, CDT 75 kHz 2.8 N/m
    Electrostatic force microscopy EFM PtIr5 PtIr5 n.a. 75 kHz 2.8 N/m
    Magnetic force microscopy
    Hard magnetic
    MFMR Hard Magnetic, Medium Momentum Reflex (Al) n.a. 75 kHz 2.8 N/m
    Magnetic force microscopy
    Soft magnetic
    S-MFMR Soft Magnetic Reflex (Al) n.a. 75 kHz 2.8 N/m
    All data are subject to change without notice.
    All data are typical values, for guaranteed specifications see detailed description of probe type.

    In addition, special silicon AFM probes can be designed and manufactured upon customer's request.
    Please contact our development team at

    SSS -> SuperSharpSilicon Tip
    AR5 -> High Aspect Ratio Tip (5:1)
    AR10 -> High Aspect Ratio Tip (10:1)
    AR5T -> Tilt Compensated High Aspect Ratio Tip (5:1)
    DT -> Diamond Coated Tip
    CDT -> Conductive Diamond Coated Tip
    PtIr5 -> Platinum Iridium5 Coating
    Reflex (Al) -> Aluminum Reflex Coating
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