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NanoWorld AFM Probes
Pyrex Nitride AFM Probes
Leading edge in sharpness and durability

NanoWorld™ Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes are designed for various imaging applications in contact or dynamic mode. They fit to all well-known commercial SPMs (Scanning Probe Microscopes) and AFMs (Atomic Force Microscopes).

The NanoWorld™ Pyrex-Nitride AFM probes consist of silicon nitride cantilevers and tips supported by a holder chip made of borosilicate glass.

Currently three different versions of Pyrex-Nitride AFM Probes are available: probes with rectangular cantilevers, probes with triangular cantilevers and probes with triangular cantilevers without tips.

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  • General Description Pyrex Nitride AFM Probes

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    Application: Contact Mode or Tapping Mode
    Type Cantilevers Type Coating Force Constant Res. Frequency
    PNP-DB (cantilever 1) rectangular Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.48 N/m 67 kHz
    PNP-DB (cantilever 2) rectangular Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.06 N/m 17 kHz
    PNP-TR (cantilever 1) triangular Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.32 N/m 67 kHz
    PNP-TR (cantilever 2) triangular Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.08 N/m 17 kHz
    PNP-TR-TL (cantilever 1) triangular tipless Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.32 N/m 67 kHz
    PNP-TR-TL (cantilever 2) triangular tipless Reflex (Cr/Au) 0.08 N/m 17 kHz
    PNP-TR-TL-Au (cantilever 1) triangular tipless Cr/Au both sides 0.32 N/m 67 kHz
    PNP-TR-TL-Au (cantilever 2) triangular tipless Cr/Au both sides 0.08 N/m 17 kHz
    All data are subject to change without notice.
    All data are typical values, for guaranteed specifications see detailed description of AFM probe type.

    In addition, special silicon nitride AFM probes can be designed and manufactured upon customer's request.
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