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Type: PNP-DB

Pyrex-Nitride Probe – Diving Board Cantilevers

» Pyrex-Nitride oxide sharpened, pyramidal tip
Cantilever Data* Cant. 1Cant. 2
Shape Diving Board
Resonance Frequency 67 kHz 17 kHz
Force Constant 0.48 N/m0.06 N/m
Length 100 µm200 µm
Mean Width 40 µm40 µm
Thickness 0.5 µm0.5 µm

Product Description

Leading edge in sharpness and durability

The Pyrex-Nitride probes have silicon nitride cantilevers with very low force constants and integrated oxide sharpened, pyramidal tips with a height of 3.5 µm. The tip is located 4µm behind the free end of the cantilever. This probe series features a support chip that is made of Pyrex. Two chip versions are available: The DB series with rectangular / diving board cantilevers and the TR series having triangular cantilevers. Both sides of the chip have identical cantilevers. All cantilevers are stress compensated and have a 70 nm chromium / gold backside coating for high laser reflectance.

All chips are pre-separated prior to shipment and come in Gel-Pak containers.

The typical tip radius of curvature of is below 10 nm. The cantilever bending is below 2°.

Order Codes and Packages Sizes

 Order Code Quantity Data Sheet
PNP-DB-20 20 yes
PNP-DB-50 50 yes

Product Screencast

Product Screencast on NanoWorld Pyrex-Nitride AFM Probes (PNP)
given by Mathieu Burri - Head of Product Development

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