SuperSharpSilicon™ - SEIKO INSTRUMENTS microscopes - Non-contact mode - High force constant

Cantilever Data Value Range*
Resonance Frequency 130 kHz 110 - 150 kHz
Force Constant 15 N/m 9 - 25 N/m
Length 225 µm 220 - 230 µm
Mean Width 33 µm 27.5 - 37.5 µm
Thickness 5 µm 4.5 - 5.5 µm

This AFM probe has alignment grooves on the back side of the support chip.

SuperSharpSilicon™ Tip (SSS)

SuperSharpSilicon™ Tip (SSS)

Product Description

NanoWorld® Pointprobe® SEIHR probes are designed for owners of a Seiko Instruments microscope using the non-contact mode. All AFM probes of the Pointprobe® series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge. They are chemically inert and offer a high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity. The AFM tip is shaped like a polygon based pyramid with a typical height of 10 - 15 µm.

For enhanced resolution of nanostructures and microroughness we have developed an advanced AFM tip manufacturing process leading to unrivalled sharpness of the SuperSharpSilicon™ tip.

This AFM probe offers unique features:

  • Typical AFM tip radius of curvature of 2 nm
  • Guaranteed AFM tip radius of curvature 5 nm (yield >80%)
  • Half cone angle < 10° at the last 200 nm of the AFM tip

Image A trapezoidal cross section of the AFM cantilever and therefore 30% wider (e.g. NCH) AFM cantilever detector side result in easier and faster laser adjustment. Additionally, because there is simply more space to place and reflect the laser beam, a higher SUM signal is reached.

Tip shape: Supersharp

Coating: none

Order Codes

Order Code Quantity Data Sheet
SSS-SEIH-10 10 yes
SSS-SEIH-20 20 yes
SSS-SEIH-50 50 no

NanoWorld® Pointprobe® SuperSharpSilicon™ AFM Tip (SSS) Screencast

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