Contact Mode – Short Cantilever

Cantilever Data Value Range*
Resonance Frequency 25 kHz 10 - 39 kHz
Force Constant 0.2 N/m 0.02 - 0.7 N/m
Length 225 µm 220 - 230 µm
Mean Width 48 µm 42.5 - 52.5 µm
Thickness 1 µm 0.5 - 1.5 µm

This AFM probe has alignment grooves on the back side of the support chip.

Point Probe AFM tip

Point Probe AFM tip

Product Description

NanoWorld® Pointprobe® CONTSC AFM probe is an alternative cantilever type for contact mode applications. The length of cantilever is reduced with respect to the preferred contact mode type enabling easier exchange with non-contact mode probes for some AFM instruments. Additionally, this probe type allows the application for lateral or friction force mode.

All SPM and AFM probes of the Pointprobe® series are made from monolithic silicon which is highly doped to dissipate static charge. They are chemically inert and offer a high mechanical Q-factor for high sensitivity. The tip is shaped like a polygon based pyramid with a typical height of 10 - 15 µm.

Additionally, this probes offers typical tip radius of curvature of less than 8 nm.

Image A trapezoidal cross section of the cantilever and therefore 30% wider (e.g. NCH) cantilever detector side result in easier and faster laser adjustment. Additionally, because there is simply more space to place and reflect the laser beam, a higher SUM signal is reached.

Tip shape: Standard

Coating: none

Order Codes

Order Code Quantity Data Sheet
CONTSC-10 10 yes
CONTSC-20 20 yes
CONTSC-50 50 no
CONTSC-W 380 yes

NanoWorld® Pointprobe® Silicon AFM Probes Screencast (Standard Tip)

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