Pyrex Nitride Series AFM Tips - General Description


  • SPM and AFM probes for a wide range of applications in contact mode or dynamic mode
  • fit to all well-known commercial SPMs and AFMs
  • silicon nitride AFM cantilevers and AFM tips
  • AFM cantilevers are supported by a support chip made of pyrex-glass
  • delivered as separated single support chips for easy handling

Material Features

  • low-stress silicon nitride for lowest AFM cantilever bending
  • excellent hardness for wear resistance and extended lifetime

AFM Cantilevers

  • multi-lever design with either rectangular AFM cantilevers or triangular AFM cantilevers
  • single lever version with one triangular AFM cantilever (for PeakForce Tapping™* and ScanAsyst®* modes)
  • reflective gold coating on the detector side of the AFM cantilevers
  • stress compensated with bending below 2°

Support Chip

  • support chips made of pyrex-glass (3.4 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.5 mm)
  • easy handling due to single support chips

AFM Tips

  • oxide sharpened pyramidal AFM tips
  • AFM tip height 3.5 µm and AFM tip radius of curvature typically < 10 nm
  • macroscopic half cone angles 35°
*PeakForce Tapping™ and ScanAsyst® are registered trademarks of Bruker Corporation

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