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NanoWorld AFM Probes
[1] Pointprobe®
[2] Arrow™
[3] Ultra-Short Cantilevers
[4] Pyrex-Nitride™

Scanning probes for atomic force microscopy


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NanoWorld provides silicon and silicon-nitride SPM and AFM probes worldwide.
(SPM=Scanning Probe Microscopy, AFM = Atomic Force Microscopy)

We currently offer four product lines:


The AFM probes of the Pointprobe series are the most widely used and best known AFM probes worldwide. The product series comprises scanning probes for the widest range of applications.
The Pointprobe AFM probes are available with different coatings like Platinum-Iridium (PtIr5), Magnetic, Diamond or Gold.

Additionally we offer special tip versions like our SuperSharpSilicon for high resolution imaging or High Aspect Ratio Tips for deep trench measurements.


Our Arrow™ series features standard AFM tips for contact, non-contact and force modulation mode that have a tetrahedral tip.

The unique Arrow™ shape of the cantilever allows easy positioning of the tip on the area of interest.

Furthermore the Arrow™ series also includes a range of tipless cantilevers and cantilever arrays.

Ultra-Short Cantilevers

The Ultra-Short Cantilevers series combines very small cantilevers capable of resonating in the MHz regime and a very sharp and wear resistant tip and is dedicated to High-Speed AFM (HS-AFM).

The Ultra-Short Cantilevers series consists of six different types of probes which cover the complete range of high speed scanning applications, from non-contact mode to contact mode, from measurements in air to measurements in liquid…


The Pyrex-Nitride series combines silicon nitride cantilevers and tips with the proven glass chip concept. The Pyrex-Nitride series has been designed for a great variety of imaging techniques like in air and liquid. Three different types of Pyrex-Nitride Probes are currently available: AFM probes with rectangular cantilevers, AFM probes with triangular cantilevers and AFM probes with tipless triangular cantilevers.

Special AFM Probes can be designed and manufactured upon customer's request.

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