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More information about nanotechnology

Cooperation Partners:
IMT Institute of Microtechnologie / EPFL

IISB Fraunhofer Institute of Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IICB)
in Erlangen (Germany)

CSEM , a privately held, knowledge-based company that is mainly active in the fields of micro/nanotechnology, microelectronics, systems engineering, information and communication technologies. It has signed a long-term contract with the Swiss Government to finance its own applied research

SPM Technology, Micro- and Nanotechnology:

Swiss Nanosience Institute

Swiss National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR)

The Institute of Nanotechnology , Nanotechnolgy portal based in the UK

Nanoforum , a European Nanotechnology Gateway that aims to provide a linking framework for all nanotechnology activity within the European Community

Simple STM Project , Instructions how to build a simple STM and SPM linklist

The NanoTechnology Group Nanotechnology News around the world



Economic Promotion Neuchâtel

Greater Zurich Area High Tech Database

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For detailed information about our AFM probe product series please see below: