PointProbe Silicon AFM Probes


Most widely used and best-known high quality
SPM and AFM probe world-wide

Pointprobe® Tip

Pointprobe® Side View

A trapezoidal cross section of the cantilever and therefore 30% wider (e.g. NCH) cantilever detector side result in easier and faster laser adjustment. Additionally, because there is simply more space to place and reflect the laser beam, a higher SUM signal is reached.

Pointprobe® Tip (Standard)

The standard Pointprobe® tip is shaped like a polygon based pyramid.
Its macroscopic halfcone angle is 20° to 25° viewed along the cantilever axis,
25° to 30° when looking from the side and virtually zero at the very tip end.
The Pointprobe® tip is 10 - 15 µm high and features a tip radius typically smaller than 8 nm (smaller than 12 nm guaranteed).


  • SPM and AFM probes for very high resolution imaging
  • fit to all well-known commercial SPMs and AFMs
  • cantilever and tip are supported by a single crystal silicon support chip
  • monolithic design of support chip, cantilever and tip

Material Features

  • highly doped, single crystal silicon (resistivity 0.01 - 0.025 Ohm.cm)
  • no intrinsic stress and absolutely straight cantilevers
  • chemically inert silicon for applications in fluids or electrochemical cells


  • rectangular cantilever with trapezoidal cross section
  • wide detector side for easy laser beam adjustment (see sketch on left)
  • small width at the tip side reduces damping

Support Chip

  • cantilever is integrated into a silicon support chip
  • dimensions of the support chip are very reproducible (3.4 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.3 mm)
  • alignment grooves on the back side of the silicon support chip in conjunction with the alignment chip ensure replacement of the probes without major readjustment of the laser beam

Package Sizes

  • packages of 10, 20 or 50 AFM probes
  • full wafer of 380 AFM probes (up to 388 AFM probes depending on the product)


Aluminum Reflex Coating

  • 30 nm thick aluminum reflex coating on the detector side of the cantilever
  • enhances reflectance of the laser beam by a factor of 2.5
  • prevents light from interfering within the cantilever

Hard Magnetic/Soft Magnetic Coating

  • hard magnetic coating: cobalt alloy coating on the tip side
  • soft magnetic coating: soft magnetic coating on the tip side (coercivity of app. 0.75 Oe, remanence magnetization of app. 225 emu/cm3)
  • permanent magnetization of the tip

SuperSharpSiliconTM Tip (SSS)

High Aspect Ratio Tip (AR5)

Tilt compensated
High Aspect Ratio Tip (AR5T)

Diamond Coated Tip (DT, CDT)

SuperSharpSilicon™ Tip (SSS)

For enhanced resolution of microroughness and nanostructures we have developed an advanced tip manufacturing process leading to a further improvement of the tip sharpness with tip radii as small as 2 nm.
With these AFM tips we have pushed back the frontiers of technology.

Tip Features

The tip height is 10 -15 µm and the typical radius of a SuperSharpSilicon™
tip is about 2 nm. We guarantee a tip radius smaller than 5 nm (guaranteed yield: 80%).
The half cone angle is smaller than 10° at the last 200 nm of the tip.

High Aspect Ratio Tip (AR5/AR5T)

For measurements on samples with sidewall angles approaching 90°, e.g. deep trench measurements or other semiconductor applications, we offer two different types of High Aspect Ratio Tips showing near vertical sidewalls.
These tips have an overall height of 10 - 15 µm which allows measurements on highly corrugated samples. At the last few micrometers the tips show a high aspect ratio portion that is symmetric when viewed from the side as well as along the cantilever axis. The tip radius is typically 10 nm (smaller than 15 nm guaranteed).

Tip Features

The high aspect ratio portion of the AR5/AR5T tip is larger than 2 µm and shows an aspect ratio of typically 7:1 (minimum aspect ratio of 5:1 guaranteed).
Consequently the half cone angle of the high aspect ratio portion is typically smaller than 5°. In order to get symmetrical images when scanning deep trenches it is necessary that the tip is perpendicular to the sample. Therefore, in order to compensate the most common tilt angle of 13° used in commercial AFMs, the high aspect ratio portion of the AR5T is tilted 13° with respect to the center axis of the tip.

Diamond Coated Tip (DT), Conductive Diamond Coated Tip (CDT)

For SPM and AFM applications that require hard contact between probe and sample we recommend our Diamond Coated Tip (DT). Some typical applications are friction force measurements, measurement of the elastic properties of samples, as well as wear measurements or nanostructuring. The Conductive Diamond Coated Tip (CDT) additionally offers a conductive, non passivated coating.

Tip and Coating Features

True polycrystalline diamond coating on the tip side of the cantilever with the
unsurpassed hardness of diamond.
The tip height is 10 - 15 µm and the thickness of the diamond layer is approximately 100 nm. The macroscopic tip radius is in the range of 100 - 200 nm, but the tip often exhibits a nanoroughness in the 10 nm regime.
The conductivity of the CDT coating is in the range of 0.003-0.005 Ohm.cm.


Diamond Coating

  • 100 nm thick polycrystalline diamond coating on the tip side of the
  • unsurpassed hardness of the tip
  • resistance <10 kOhm for CDT

PtIr5 Coating

  • 25 nm thick platinum iridium5 coating on both sides of the probe
  • stress-compensated and wear resistant
  • detector side coating enhances the reflectance of the laser beam by a factor of 2
  • allows electrical measurements

Gold Coating (on request)

  • 70 nm thick gold reflex coating on the detector side of the cantilever
  • 70 nm thick gold coating on both sides of the probe