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• most widely used and best known SPM and AFM probe world-wide

• silicon SPM and AFM probe for very high resolution imaging

• alignment grooves on back side of support chip

• tip radius typically < 8 nm, guaranteed <12 nm

• available with different tip shapes


• ultra-short cantilevers designed for High-Speed AFM

• 3 types with very high resonance frequencies (1.2 MHz - 5 MHz) and high force constants for dynamic mode applications in air

• 3 types with high resonance frequencies and low force constants (0.15 N/m – 0.6 N/m) mainly for applications in liquid.

• wear resistant High Density Carbon/Diamond Like Carbon (HDC/DLC) tip

• tip radius typically < 10 nm


• silicon nitride cantilevers and tips

• designed for various imaging applications in contact mode or dynamic mode

• oxide sharpened pyramidal tips

• tip radius typically < 10 nm

• available either with triangular or rectangular cantilevers

• also available as tipless version


• optimized positioning through maximized tip visibility

• three sided tip defined by real crystal planes

• special tip shape leads to very symmetric scans

• tip at the very end of the cantilever

• tip radius typically < 10 nm, guaranteed <15 nm

• also available as high speed version with a resonance frequency of up to 2 MHz