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NanoWorld AFM Probes
[1] NanoWorld, Neuchâtel
[2] Cleanroom
[3] Matterhorn, Switzerland

[1] NanoWorld, Neuchâtel [2] Cleanroom [3] Matterhorn, Switzerland
Neuchatel, Switzerland - Cradle of
great innovation and NanoWorld AG

Since the beginning of the 20th Century Switzerland has been a cradle of great
Innovations in Precision Mechanics, and today in Micro- and Nanotechnology. Many famous Swiss clock makers started their successful work in Neuchâtel and the atomic force microscopy (AFM) was invented not far from here.

In this perfect infrastructural surrounding NanoWorld AG is located next to the
IMT (Institute of Microtechnology EPFL) and the CSEM (Swiss Center of Electronics
and Microtechnology).

With Cleanrooms and Offices close together we have the best environment to innovate and produce novel scanning probes with maximum efficiency.


For detailed information about our AFM probe product series please see below:
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